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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why the Nichiren Shu translations are better than the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu translations.

Nichiren always, without a single exception, wrote Namu Myoho renge kyo, SGI always, without a single exception writes Nam Myoho renge kyo. Nichiren Shoshu rarely writes Namu Myoho renge kyo. For this reason alone, the Nichiren Shu translations are superior.

Dialogue on the Way to Correctly Hold the Sublime Lotus Sutra (Ji Myo Hokke Mondo Sho)

"The Lotus Sutra teaches: 'If, in the future, there should be in any world, a good son or good daughter having a pure heart and reverential belief, free from doubt, such a one shall not fall into hell or become a hungry spirit or animal, but shall be born, instead, into the presence of the Buddhas of the universe.' You should definitely understand and embrace this passage, expecting, in the next lifetime, to be born into the presence of the Buddhas.

If you find yourself at the foot of a high cliff and, unable to scale the bank, discover that someone has lowered a rope to pull you up and asks that you seize it, should you hesitate to grasp the rope because you doubt the strength of your rescuer or the security of the rope? If you refuse to take hold of the rope, how can you be lifted from the depths? If you place trust in the words of the rescuer and stretch out your hands to clasp the rope, then you may be pulled from the abyss.

So then, how can you be saved if you doubt the strength of the Buddha who declares: "I alone can save and protect you?" How can you be saved if you question the security of the rope of the Lotus Sutra that teaches: "Only with faith can you enter into Buddhahood?" The Sublime Dharma reveals that, "(If you believe in, and devote yourself to this Law) you will, without fail, create the destiny to become a Buddha." If you hesitate to chant the Daimoku of the Sublime Dharma, it will be impossible for you to reach the peak of the precipice of enlightenment. Those who refuse to believe this will fall into hell. Thus, the Sutra teaches: "Those who doubt and disbelieve this Sutra will fall into the evil paths."

How could you possibly spend your life in vain, after having received a human life which is so difficult to receive, after having encountered Buddhism which is so rare to encounter?

If all of your relatives depart from your native village, leaving the path to your home abandoned and overgrown, your eagerness to return there will wane. If a loved one cannot be depended upon, and refuses to make a vow together with you for the future, then your longing to see the loved one will naturallydiminish.

Then why do people not visit the Pure Land of Eagle Peak, an easy place to reach, and much more wonderful than the mansions of nobility? Why do people not long to see the Buddha’s figure, who tenderly declares, "I am your Father?" This thought causes me such overwhelming grief that my heart aches within my chest and my sleeves are heavy with tears.

Pensive or melancholy feelings may arise within you as you note the hue of the clouds in the evening sky, or the pale light of the moon as night gives way to dawn. At these moments, and at any and all other times, you should think of your eternal life. Think of it in the late afternoon of a day colored by the blossoms of spring; think of it on the morning of a heavy snow fall. Remember it on an evening as you watch the winds drive tufts of clouds across the sky. An outgoing breath does not wait for the incoming one. You should not at any moment forget the Buddha’s merciful pledge, "I am always thinking of how to save all living beings." Nor should you abandon the Sutra that reads, "There is no being who cannot become a Buddha."

Yesterday became today and last year became this year, but can you be certain that you will see this year pass into the next? When we count the years that have passed since birth, we know exactly how long we have been living, but one is assured of not even one day more, nor of even a moment longer.

Even with the knowledge that they may die at any moment, many people still are filled with self-conceit and stubbornly adhere to their own narrow ideas, or they foolishly waste themselves striving after fame and profit, neglecting to chant the Daimoku of the Sublime Law. It is truly lamentable that even though this Law allows anyone to realize Buddhahood, such people are unable to enter into the Buddha’s Path. How can the moon-light be reflected off the sleeve of a cold-hearted person?

As a life is nothing more than what exists in a single moment (Ichinen), the Buddha taught that it is a great benefit to believe in the Lotus Sutra and feel the joy of that belief for even a moment. If it were necessary to practice for even two or three moments to realize such joy, it would contradict the Buddha’s vow to allow all beings to enter, equally, the Buddha’s great wisdom, and therefore, it could not be the teaching to bring all beings to immediate enlightenment.

If a person is not in the seat of Eternal Tranquil Light, then any place will be full of agony. What pleasures can be enjoyed by those who are away from the home of true enlightenment?

I pray for you to cherish the Sublime Law, the Law of security in this life time and of wonderful existence in the next. Upholding the Sublime Law is the only real honor of this life time, the only genuine path guiding us into the next. Whole-heartedly chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo yourself and teach it to others. To chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo is the purpose of this human life and is the only support we can carry with us into the next."

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo,


Let the sutras be your sole teachers

"I decided that I would not heed the claims of these eight or ten schools, but would do as the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai did and let the sutras themselves be my sole teacher, in this way determining which of the various teachings of the Buddha’s lifetime are superior and which are inferior." -- Nichiren

SGI senor leader appeals to the authorities to shut me down.

Unable to defeat Nichiren Daishonin in debate, his enemies appealed to the authorities to have him banished, exiled, and put to death. Likewise, appealing to the authorities, unable to defeat me in debate nor capable of intelligently discussing the Lotus Sutra and teachings of Nichiren Daishonin, the cunning and cowardly SGI senior leader Etoro of the Bronx succeeded in having the Kempon Hokke beliefnet forum locked:

Etoro: Mark, it is very obvious that you are not well. What is worse is the fact that such an illness can even manifest from within the ranks of the followers of Nichiren. It just seems so twisted. Reality doesn't really work this way. Reality is governed by an abiding law and the true nature of things always comes to the surface eventually.

The degree of confusion you offer the world is mind boggling. If we were to rely upon theoretical teachings alone we would have some serious problems explainaing away this degree of confusion you present. You literally twist things around on their head. Thank goodness there is also documentary and actual proof. But there is no excusing the fact that you are seriously slandering Nichiren's teaching and our spiritual movement by tiwisting around their true intentions for human happiness. And the fact that we have been successful at it makes your comments even all the more aggregious.

You are confusing the Japanese social politics of the last 700 years with the teachings of true BUddhism.

You should not be allowed to carry on the way you do. It appears that the moderators here are simply not doing a good job in letting such frothy and slathery slander go unchecked.

I hope you are able to recover in this lifetime. But is definitely not going to be easy.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

and on another occassion he writes,

"I am beginning to ponder the reason why it is that the moderators allow "Always Despise" [Neverdespise] to continue to rant and slander the SGI organization (people who practice in the SGI) to the extent that he does. Isn't he violating a rule of conduct? This is insane." -- Eric Toro SGI senior leader

Mark: The SGI is not the place to go to enter the deep recesses of the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin. These SGI leaders must think that Nichiren wrote those hundreds of letters and dozens of treatises just for his contemporaries. He was among the greatest prophets in the history of Buddhism. He knew that there would be those who would misunderstand his teachings and those who would bring misery to themselves and others. I was born in this land and at this time to point out the errors of the SGI and the Nichiren Shoshu. They have refused to debate and they refuse to enter into an actual proof challenge. They are cowardly individuals who appeal to the authorities to fight their battles for them.

The human Buddha is sovereign. Allah, Jesus, Indra, and Brahma are his ministers.

"When the Buddha is looked upon as the sovereign and the gods as his ministers; the relations between superior and inferior are correctly ordered in accordance with the rules of propriety, and therefore the nation should be well governed."

End of story

No good Nazis

Is this thesis two tons of BS or powerful and effective SGI thought control techniques?

My Sensei the late Vodka Putt Putt

SGI members say, “We’ve changed.” Have they?

“Mr. Toda had told us all: ‘Protect the third president [me]! Protect him as long as you live! If you do so, you will definitely be able to achieve kosen-rufu!’ — AN ESSAY BY SGI PRESIDENT IKEDA STORMY APRIL 24 1979

I looked and looked in the Lotus Sutra and Gosho, examining every english translation but nowhere could I find, “If you protect the third president, kosen rufu will be achieved without fail.” SGI meetings are a waste of time. If we protect the doggy Vodka Putt Putt, we have as much chance of achieving kosen rufu as the 12,000,000 SGI members “protecting” the mentor.

Hmmm, the cult of Vodka Putt Putt? I like that. Let us proudly advance protecting Vodka Putt Putt in order to achieve kosen rufu! There are several ways we can protect Vodka Putt Putt: Seeking guidance from doggy, ie: “Should we walk you before or after Gongyo?”; singing Forever Putt Putt; crying if Putt Putt acknowledges us; creating a Dogcatcher Control Division (DCD) to keep the other dogs away from the Big Dog; Putt Putt meeting with every two-bit dictator and totalitarian [the only difference would be that Vodka Putt Putt practices shakabuku. He would do his business on the dictator's leg or carpet]; naming halls and pavilions after him…The Vodka Putt Putt Memorial Burbank SGI Community Center and Doggy Park; building a Veterinary College to which he will give a long barking address; helping him chase heretical squirrels; and lastly, by his side we will achieve Kosen Ruff Ruff.

How to rid your home of unwanted SGI guests

And now, with summer closing in, all those senior leaders have their beady eyes trained on you, an easy mark for the May Contribution Campaign. Your house is prime territory for a home visit. When they come sniffing around, keep ‘em moving with the critter proofing methods on this page. A lot of it comes down to nothing more than a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha or Nichiren Daishonin in front of the Gohonzon.

Who are the infiltrators? According to the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin: They are those who claim to have attained what they have not; those whose ego is so big that think themselves wise enough to instruct Nichiren and his disciples; those conceited men and women who think that somehow, without their guidance, the Daimoku and Gohonzon is insufficient for you to attain Buddhahood; those looking to increase their Chapter’s or Area’s numbers; those looking to climb up the ladder to Chapter Chief, Area, or Territory Leader.

It is usually not necessary to call professionals to remove them but, of course, it’s always easier to keep them out in the first place than to remove them when they’re in. Either way, it helps to know your enemy.

Those who claim to have attained what they have not:

Sometimes they crawl down chimneys or gnaw and claw their way through your front door. Threat: They weaken rather than strengthen your faith. As with most SGI intruders they can best be kept at bay with a strong association with your Kempon Hokke friends or by blocking possible pathways into the house. If you fail to remove them, in the case of these slanderers, they may require either professional removal [very large mean housemember] or calling 911.

Those whose ego is so big that think themselves wise enough to instruct Nichiren and his disciples:

People think these senior leaders are smart, but what they are is tenacious, says Tientai, a home visit control specialist in Canton China, and a spokesman for the disciples and believer's of Nichiren Daishonin. “These Gakkai leaders with big egos are capable of climbing a downspout and pulling loose a soffit or ripping off a roof shingle to get inside”, he says. WD Leaders are liable to use your messy house or intimate guidance sessions as an excuse to laud themselves over you. Those who think themselves wise enough to instruct Nichiren are bad enough in the living room but never show them your den. They might get comfortable and stay for another hour or two. Never feed them or offer them tea or coffee. You can fend off these nuisances by getting a protective Pit Bull or Rotty. Try also, not to have just finished cooking a tasty meal or have delicious dainties lying about. The bad thing about these unwanted guests, usually they are so into themselves that they don’t really care what you are doing, your needs, or exigencies. You can prearrange a friend to call fifteen minutes after these pests arrive and tell them you have an emergency. Alternatively, you can chant Namu Myoho renge kyo while they are leading Daimoku and chanting Nam Myoho renge kyo. Remember, these Ikedabots don’t play nice when cornered or trapped.

Those conceited men and women who think that somehow, without their guidance, the Daimoku and Gohonzon is insufficient for you to attain Buddhahood:

These severely deluded Soka men and women can talk your ear off, are quite charming, and are inveterate liars. They always have some experience about Sensei, how they overcame mesothelioma or premature ejaculation by seeking and following Sensei. Prevention is the best policy in the case of these arrogant borderline psychotic individuals. A heavy metal door with seven or eight Yale locks works quite well. Lights out and being very quiet is another good strategy. If they succeed in getting you to open up the door, you can prepare yourselves nicely with ear plugs or miniature radio receivers so you can listen to your favorite program while they drone on about Sensei, more Sensei, Rock the Era, or the importance of statistics to Buddhist practice. If you don’t have ear plugs or a miniature radio receiver, then your only course may be to have read the Lotus Sutra several times and the Five Major Works over and over again. Prepare yourself however, for the obligatory, “Sharihotsu” or “you lack faith” comment. Short of threatening them with a Samurai sword or an AR15 rifle, you may not be able to cut off THAT conversation and feeling oh so small. If you are chanting a lot of Daimoku you can intuit when the conversation is about to turn to slander of you as a person, and you can suddenly claim to have the worst migraine of your life. But, just as those senior leaders who think themselves wise enough to instruct Nichiren, these leaders who think that their guidance is more important than Shakyamuni’s and Nichiren’s, are quite tenacious. Blood capsules may be carefully and stealtfully utilized by pinching them against the skin of the upper lip, just below the nostril. A “nosebleed” always has a big impact, even on the most thoughtless Gakkai leader.

The nastier ones, those who have been going to non stop meetings and home visitations for the last several weeks may, due to lack of daily showering and good personal hygiene, bring in fleas, lice, or ticks. Once you succeed in getting them to go home, be sure to have some extra strength Raid and air freshener on hand.

The last two unwanted guests may be lumped together: Those looking to increase their Chapter’s Area’s, or Territory’s numbers and those looking to climb up the ladder to Chapter, Area, or Territory Leader:

These shallow leaders aren’t really into home visits. Almost any excuse, immediately after Gongyo will do. However, if they bring a junior leader along, they may feel constrained to make a show of caring and compassion. If you don’t mind touching them, you can gently grab the arm of the junior leader and briskly walk him to the door. Since he has no way of getting home without his senior, usually the senior will follow. Other senior leader removal techniques are Taiko drum beats to the Daimoku or even clackers. Having a copy of a Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon too, is often quite effective. Installing steel window screens may be necessary.

Mystical Trip Into Sensei’s Heart

"Let’s eternally protect and perpetuate the
truth and justice of the way of
mentor and disciple.
The strength of the bond between mentor and disciple
is determined by the disciple’s efforts.
Uphold the mentor’s teachings and
manifest them in your daily activities,
thus realizing the principle of “practice equals victory.
You are individuals with a mission.
Protect the mentor and
prevail over injustice.
Be genuine lions and dedicate your lives
to upholding justice and truth.
Live your life straight and true
according to the guiding principles
taught by the mentor.
When we brim with a strong resolve
based on the spirit of “together with the mentor”
and “for the mentor’s sake”
we are able to manifest unfathomable strength.
Let’s become disciples with sun-like qualities."

Nichiren on the other hand:

“Yet it was not I, Nichiren, who made these three important pronouncements. Rather it was in all cases the spirit of the Thus Come One Shakyamuni that had entered into my body. And having personally experienced this, I am beside myself with joy."

Safe thrown out by $oka Gakkai containing $ 1,700.00,00

When SGI stops lying about us we will stop telling the truth about them

link.html [Scroll down to (2) Refutation against Kempon Hokke Shu]

That “Gohonzon” shop is at the head temple of Nichiren Shu and has zero to do with the Kempon Hokke. Not only that, as anyone of us can testify, the Kempon Hokke Gohonzon is FREE. The Dharma is free. The Kempon Hokke has not one but several Nichiren Gohonzon. SGI lies to cover their own perverted tracks, their billions of dollars collected in Amway styled money schemes from the backs of their own members. We have asked the despicable Rubys to remove their deplorable lying Kempon Hokke websites but they are still out there and not just on “Wayback Machine”. But SGI Patrick rails that we “are mean” to the poor SGI and their “honest and upright members”. GIVE US A BREAK. Better he should admonish his own comrades for their poor behavior than the Kempon Hokke members. When we supply pictures of SGI members groveling before forty foot banners of Daisaku Ikeda or his semi-nude bronze Sho Hondo relief, they are real photographs and real incidents, not made up fantasies within the warped minds of Soka Gakkai members and leaders.

Although I am no longer a Kempon Hokke member [for various transgressions perpetrated by the Kempon Hokke sect], SGI's lies about the Kempon Hokke are still lies.

What greater hatred could there be for Nichiren than deliberately substituting false doctrines for what he really taught?

"No matter how much they chant, everybody who has hatred for Nichiren, first must fall to the Unremitting Hell; after immeasurable kalpas, having become the disciples of Nichiren, they shall attain Buddhahood." (Kyôô gozen gosho, STN, v. 1, 687)

Now there are those who say "we don't hate Nichiren Daishônin and we chant so this does not apply to us! This is just your idea." But stop and think about this for a moment: what greater hatred could there be for Nichiren than deliberately substituting false doctrines for what he really taught?

If he was, indeed, the Messenger sent by the Lord Buddha to save us beings of this terrible age, is it not the greatest hatred of the Messenger when any person deliberately distorts, adulterates or replaces that saving message? The physical person of Nichiren Daishônin no longer exists; no one can hurt him in a material sense as his enemies did when he lived. He has returned to the Eternal Pure Land to abide in his Original State, the Great Bodhisattva Jôgyô. However, what remains of him here is his teachings, as he transmitted them in his own lifetime. To destroy these teachings and replace them with different doctrines under his name is surely more destructive than killing the physical body of the person. When Nichiren Daishônin showed the greatest reverence for the Beginningless and Endless Lord, Teacher, and Parent Shakyamuni and the authority of the text of the Lotus Sutra, is it not the most terrible contempt for that same Nichiren Daishônin to degrade both that Buddha and that Sutra? And is it not also contemptuous to chant the Daimoku, which Nichiren Daishonin brought forth from the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, and at the same time say that Nichiren Daishônin's teachings are passé? Or is not hatred to modify his clear instructions to please one's personal preferences? If the Patriarch's words are true, the fate of such people is clear." -- Graham Lamont

Soka Gakkai cult brainwash [recruitment] centers

                     Soka Gakkai Educational Counseling Center
       At the counseling center in Yamanashi [© Seikyo Shimbun]

During 2010, more than 7,000 people visited the Soka Gakkai Educational Counseling Centers run by the Soka Gakkai Education Department. Since the establishment of its first center in 1968, more than 360,000 individuals, including students and their parents, have received counseling from trained volunteer counselors.

The centers were started at the suggestion of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda, who encouraged Soka Gakkai members involved in education to use their knowledge and experience to support their local communities.

The Soka Gakkai Education Department currently runs 34 such centers throughout Japan, staffed by more than 800 volunteer counselors and teachers who have been trained in psychological and educational counseling. The centers offer free services to any students from kindergarten to high school who may be experiencing problems in their studies or educational environment.

SGI Wiki-leaks

Victimless victims?

The Big Chill

Gary Curtis, former World Tribune editor, is dead. There was a memorial last Sunday. But the night before I was invited to a pre-memorial get together. Everyone assumed I knew him. I did not. There were those who were connected to everything Santa Monica and those who were not. I was not. But my ex wife was, so everyone made that associative leap.

My friend who put this together asked for “no ax grinding”. Among those in attendance were other people of note that I also did not ever meet but it was assumed that I had: Judith Curtis (Gary’s widow), Jackie Stone, Chris Roman, lionized Japanese pioneer woman Mrs. Clark, and some guy that used to work at the WT. When Mrs. Clark sat down next to Chris Roman my friend was wary that she might be doing the one thing she does to everyone, give unwarranted advice. That usually entails starting at the asshole and finishing by coming out the eyeballs.

I guess my friend had too much wine because he started ax grinding. But it was the type of grind that a person does when they still are involved and have hope that someday whatever they are grinding will change. A sort of negative/positive: “They don’t get it,” he said. “No, you don’t get it,” I thought to myself.

My friend was standing in front of the sofa, sort of holding court, with the “Don’t you think so?” rhetorical questioning attitude, which used to be followed by a resounding Japanese “Hai!” The subject changed to victimization. The pompous ass from the WT sitting on the far end of the sofa, the only one whose name I did not get, made a not so curt comment that those people who considered themselves a victim of SGI or NSA aren’t really victims. Really? What was happening inside my brain was actually more like “REALLY!”

My friend who had asked everyone to “don’t go there” responded “absolutely”. In other words, “Hai!”

I wanted to ask if their definition of victimless victims included four year olds. I wanted to say that when my marriage to a “senior leader” broke up, that my senior leader estranged wife felt so despondent and had “lost face” to her members so much so that she continually sought solace in the form of “guidance” from the same Mrs. Clark. Mrs. Clark who encouraged her to redouble her efforts and then redouble again. I wanted to tell them about how my ex would follow that advice and do home visitations seven nights a week. About how my daughter would get dinner in the car and not at home. About how she would be allowed to wander a strangers home as long as she didn’t disrupt the visitation. About how she would fall asleep every night in another persons sofa or floor and somehow wake up in her own bed after sleep walking from her mom’s car. About how instead of waiting on tables two nights a week, I would go and baby sit so my kid could eat in her home, fall asleep in her bed, and about how that action was considered a “benefit” of her faith from her mother. About how by the age of five my daughter had been molested at one of these visitations. About how in complete denial my ex had become about the reality of the aberrant behavior displayed by my non-victimized daughter.

But that kind of talk would only lead me speaking about a couple of young women who were raped by a pigeon English speaking Santa Monica organizational leader, and what good would it serve to pop their bullshit Buddhist bubble. So instead I kept my promise and said merely “I gotta go.”

But here I am. Trying to purge myself in my sixties like a corn holed Catholic alter boy, by regurgitating the tip of a 35 year old iceberg of crap. And I’m not sure I can be friends any longer.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Worldly fame and profit are mere baubles of your present existence" -- Nichiren

“The Sea of all Karmic Hindrances all arise from wrong thought: If you desire to repent of them, then sitting upright, think upon reality.” — The True Object of Worship

“They are persons who have abandoned a great doctrine and instead chose lesser doctrines. If we judge from examples in the past, they will probably suffer for countless kalpas in the three evil paths. It is persons such as these that T’ient’ai meant when he said, “If they encounter an evil friend, they will lose their true mind.” — On the Four Stages of Faith

“They cling to incomplete doctrines and are attached to receiving alms and being treated with deference; they recognize only false doctrines, distance themselves from good friends, approach with familiarity such slanderers who delight in attachment to the teachings of the lesser vehicle, and do not believe in the great vehicle. Therefore they slander the Law of the Buddhas.

A person of wisdom should not fear enemy households, snakes, the poison of fire, the god Indra, the roll of thunder, attacks by swords and staves, or wild beasts such as tigers, wolves, and lions. For these can only destroy one’s life, but cannot cause one to fall into the Avichi hell, which is truly terrifying. What one should fear is slander of the profound teaching as well as companions who are slanderers, for these will surely cause one to fall into the frightful Avichi hell. Even if one befriends evil companions and with evil intent spills the Buddha’s blood, kills one’s own father and mother, takes the lives of many sages, disrupts the unity of the Buddhist Order, and destroys all one’s roots of goodness, if one fixes one’s mind on the correct teaching, one can free oneself from that place. But if there is someone who slanders the inconceivably profound teaching, that person will for immeasurable kalpas be unable to obtain emancipation. However, if there is one who can cause others to awaken to and take faith in a teaching such as this, then that person is their father and mother, and also their good friend. This is a person of wisdom. After the Thus Come One’s passing, that person corrects false views and perverse thoughts, and causes people to enter the true way. For that reason, he has pure faith in the three treasures, and his virtuous actions lead others to enlightenment.” — The Problem to be Pondered Night and Day

“It is a rare thing to be born as a human being. And if, having been born as such, you do not do your best to distinguish between the correct doctrine and the incorrect so that in the future you may attain Buddhahood, then you are certainly not fulfilling your true worth as a human being.” — On Prayer

Nichiren quotes Tientai:

“To liberate oneself from the [three-fold] world by means of the provisional [teachings] is called an ephemeral liberation.” — The Third Doctrine


“…T’ien-t’ai and Miao-lo are commenting on this passage. In this passage of the sutra, all the teachings, from the Flower Garland Sutra, which was expounded immediately after the Buddha’s enlightenment and which combines both specific and perfect teachings, to the fourteen chapters that comprise the theoretical teaching of the Lotus Sutra, are termed “inferior teachings.” Those who delight in them are called people “meager in virtue and heavy with defilement,” and the liberation achieved through them is shown to be an ephemeral liberation.” — ibid. Third Doctrine

“There is no true happiness other than upholding faith in the Lotus Sutra. This is what is meant by “peace and security in their present existence and good circumstances in future existences.”” –Happiness In This World

“Now, if you wish to attain Buddhahood, you have only to lower the banner of your arrogance, cast aside the staff of your anger, and devote yourself exclusively to the one vehicle of the Lotus Sutra. Worldly fame and profit are mere baubles of your present existence, and arrogance and prejudice are ties that will fetter you in the next one. Ah, you should be ashamed of them! And you should fear them, too!” — Embracing the Lotus Sutra

Three card Monte [Joffee] SGI leader and head of SGI-USA Educator's Divisio

"Nichiren said that but meant this"

SGI book burning

Books critical of the Soka Gakkai have been reported missing from the shelves of the Harvard Library and other libraries. See Talk Soka Gakkai Wikipedia. "If you squeeze it, it whispers "cult"

Stupid SGI guidance

“First, we should apologize to the Gohonzon for our ancestors’ slander. Apologize to the Gohonzon in a way that says, “My ancestors believed in misleading teachings. Please forgive them…please forgive us” or “My family practiced the Zen sect (or Shingon, Nembutsu, other Nichiren sects, etc.) and I am very sorry. My current problem is due to my own karma: the fact is, I was born into a family who slanders. Please, Gohonzon, forgive my family and I for the sins we’ve committed against the True Law.” Pray to erase your negative karma and pray to rid your mind of all onshitsu. Apologize to the Gohonzon from your heart with this type of sincere attitude. This is what is called sange-zaimetsu (acknowledging one’s faults, shortcomings or past misdeeds and seeking to make amends). You must do this first. Secondly, make a determination such as, “I pray to do my best for kosen-rufu, not only for my own sake, but for the sake of my ancestors. Therefore, please forgive the slander that my family has made. I’ll become the best group leader in the whole country, I promise. Therefore, let me overcome my illness.” Thirdly, pray for your personal wishes, i.e., “Please help my child recover from illness” or “Please let my family become harmonious” or ” Please, let us become financially secure.” -- SGI Vice President Tsuji 
SGI leaders are beggars at the gate. There is one reference in Nichiren Daishonin’s writings to apology, “At that time, even if he should apologize to me, I will not accept it.” There is not one reference to apology in the Lotus Sutra. The Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin teach, “Sit upright and ponder the ultimate reality.” The ultimate reality is Shakyamuni Buddha of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra and Namu Myoho renge kyo as embodied in the Gohonzon. They [the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren] don’t say, “sit upright and ponder your ancestors slander” or “grovel before the Gohonzon entreating, ‘please Gohonzon, I need this or that.’ “ Wake up SGI members. Trust the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin and a heretofore unknown world, unexcelled and marvelous, will open up to you. 

Chapter four:The Seven Damning Sins of Soka Gakkai-Komeito by Fujiwara

Chapter four:

The Seven Damning Sins of Soka Gakkai-Komeito by Fujiwara

In Policies And Production -Always The Festival Mood

As slogans which essentially explain Soka Gakkai are the following list of nine subjects:
Soka Gakkai Based on Nichiren Shoshu.
Soka Gakkai to Fulfill Saint Nichiren's Dying Injunction.
Soka Gakkai of Obutsu Myogo [unity of politics and religion].
Soka Gakkai of Kosen Rufu.
Soka Gakkai, The Philosophy of Life of The World.
Soka Gakkai, The Essence of Oriental Buddhism.
Soka Gakkai, The Creator of Gain, Goodness, Beauty.
Soka Gakkai of Mercy and Philosophy.
Soka Gakkai, The Thought of The Twenty First Century.

In a word, their aim is to thoroughly hammer these into the membership. It is correct to say that Soka Gakkai intends to "breed" their membership to conform to the "owner's thought."

It is much simpler for the leaders of Soka Gakkai, by the magic of words and the display of slogans, to control and mainpulate the membership than it is for them to teach them what religion is really all about. The membership sees only the slogans and as a result they give the staff a carte  blanche. As far as the uncritical membership is concerned, the meaning of the slogans is irrelevant. We may say that they could care less about the slogans. Since they are completely ignorant about their meaning it does not matter too much about their form. Once a member has been brain-washed by Soka Gakkai, it is Soka Gakkai itself which becomes the object of the fascination. Therefore all slogans serve to fasten them to Soka Gakkai. Soka Gakkai forever!

The most important work of the staff, even more important than their own religious service, is that of thoroughly indoctrinating the membership with these slogans. For the membership, their life is mainly concerned with chanting these slogans and "Nam-myoho Renge kyo." Besides, they directly relate religion to material gain and loss in their lives, and Buddhism for them means victory or defeat in life. They spend their days, from morning till night, always denouncing other religions as evil religions, and unreservedly displaying their fighting spirit.

The original task of religion is to help human beings, but for the Soka Gakkai member it is the mounting pressure of "business" which is the principal activity of their daily lives. Perhaps in repeating this ceaseless struggle they are aiming at profit and gain. This activity is in sharp contrast to the expressions of their slogans. Nevertheless, every time they open their mouths, the staff members utter such expressions as: "It is you, the members, who are the Soka Gakkai." However, up to the present time, it is the staff rather than the membership which has been propping up Soka Gakkai. So when someone among the membership does something disgraceful they will nonchalantly reply: "among so many members there are a few crude ones," implying that only among the enlisted ranks are there a few soldiers who are crude, but not one amongst the officers and non-commisioned officers. It is not exaggerating to say that the members exist only for the purpose of being ordered around by the staff. The "support by the members is mostly in the form of their purchases, which consume the vast output of publications of Soka Gakkai, and their offerings which are necessary to maintain the organization. That is to say, they are esteemed as "osaisen teikyo sha" (contributors of offerings).

Soka Gakkai's charity follows the system of always giving priority to the merit of the group, rather than to the expedience and merit of faith. After all, the first consideration is the maintainence of the organization and the cultivation of its power. Under such circumstances it is required of the member that he incessantly practice shakubuku, and by so doing may become a "hancho" (group captain) or a "butaicho" (corps leader). In ordinary life members who would never be able to gain any title, of a kind can through the favor of Soka Gakkai, have the honor and responsiblity of such a title as "chief" and it is for them a deeply emotional experience beyond our imagination. The performance of Soka Gakkai's staff in stimulating moderately a desire to succeed in life and a dissatisfaction with society in general, and in concentrating on these slogans, is indeed a skilful one.

Such stimulation and caressing of the membership, and the manner in which this tactic is increased or decreased in tempo, according to the existing state of things, is displayed to the highest degree at election time.

"Victory through the efforts of the Youth Division."

"Victory depends upon the Women's Division." "Toward complete victory by united efforts of all members." Such inspiring words, one after the other, fairly leap out of the mouths of the staff members, and when they come from the lips of President Ikeda, the members are deeply moved, and are much more zealous, so that with a sincerity that borders on stupidity, they engage feverishly in election activities that come close to violating the election laws. For the member, Soka Gakkai is absolute, and it is not necessary that he know what the policies are all about.

A friend of mine did a rather mischievous thing. It was on the occasion of receiving a telephone call with this request:

"Please vote for the Komeito candidate."

"Did you call me up on your own volition or were you asked to do so?", my friend inquired.

"I called you up on my own," came the reply after a pause. My friend: "Do you know your candidate's platform?"

Caller: "Yes."

My Friend: "Please explain his platform to me."

Caller: (Apparently consulting with someone) "He stands for cleaning up politics and establishing clean government." My friend: "So do all the other candidates. Any other policies?"

Caller: (Consulting with someone for a while). "To defend the Constitution and promote peace.

My friend: "All the other parties advocate this too. Any more?"

Caller: (Again after consultation with someone) "Reduce taxes and lower prices.'

My friend: "All the other candidates advocate this too. Any others?"

Caller: (After being silent for a while) "Welfare economy and welfare of the masses.

"What is the difference between your platform and that of the Democratic Socialist Party?"

Caller: (No reply)

My Friend: "Is there some policy which is characteristic of your candidate which is different from the policies of the others?"

Caller: (Silence)

After a while slams down the receiver.

My friend's mischief might have been carried to the extreme, but members engaging in electioneering, in spite of being unable to answer even such simple questions, embarrass themselves, and in a way, we can't help feeling sorry for them.

At the present time, Komeito's earnest activity in the Diet and Soka Gakkai's serious movement is mainly concentrated on four points: Opposition to the minor constituency system; prohibition, except by individuals, of political contributions; relaxing rectrictions of election campaigning; and investigation of political corruption.

At present, the minor constituency system poses a certain danger which could mean the downfall of Komeito. Under the minor constituency system Komeito has no real capacity to send successful candidates in large quantity into the Diet. In this regard, they cooperate in a frantic effort even with the Communist Party, although ordinarily they find it difficult to live under the same sky with them.

By revising the law concerning the Regulation of Political Funds and Expenditures and limiting contributions to individuals and amounts they can contribute, and finally, in the future an attempt to abolish political contributions altogether, would mean the end financially for the other parties. If political contributions from the financial world and the labor unions are prohibited, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Socialist Party, and the Democratic Socialist Party will all be dealt a hard blow. These three parties put in an extraordinary amount of money into elections in comparison to Komeito. If they should be limited in their financial support, they would find themselves in a most difficult position.

If contributions by individuals were prohibited, the amount of money which parties other than Komeito can receive from their members would be so small that it would be out of the question, since the other parties are not well established in their organization. Even the Communist Party, in order to carry on their political activities and campaigning, is using ever larger sums of money, and they would certainly suffer. The number of the Communist Party's members who pay membership dues, is, as a practical matter, very small. By comparison, Komeito does not need to spend large sums in elections, and it is so well organized and flexible that it at any time can mobilize millions of its party members, so that if contributions were prohibited, they would suffer hardly at all. Soka Gakkai with this setup would well prepare Komeito's fund.

Relaxation of restrictions of election campaigning refers to freedom of house-to-house canvassing, unlimited advertising and freedom of repeated calls, etc. The principle tactic used by Komeito in election campaigns is the house-to-house canvass, which they devoloped in their shakubuka activities and which they can use to great advantage. In the present election law, to practise this type activity is difficult and even if the term is limited during election, is a severe blow to them. At any rate, in their assertions about freedom of election campaigning, it is the house-to-house canvass which comes to the surface very clearly.

Finally, the investigation of political corruption refers to a clean up in the political world. Since Komeito is a new political party, they have little temptation toward corruption. For this reason, they are in position with peace of mind to make their entrance to purify the political world. Being in such a position they can in their own way, seriously injure the other parties. Demand for clean up of the political world would be most profitable to Komeito.

Concerning the controversial small electoral system: 1) Votes for unsuccessful candidates increase 2) a great danger of one-party dictatorship 3) gerrymandering for a party's interest is practised. 4) factional strife is intensified 5) corrupion of elections increase 6) regional bosses have an advantage 7) election campaigns become fiercely contested, etc. These are the reasons for their opposition to the small electoral system.

They say that the reason that the Liberal Democratic Party supports this system, in spite of its harmful influences, is no other reason than that they are aiming at one-party dictatorship, the revision of the present Constitution for worse, not better, to promote military re-armament. For these reasons, Komeito opposes it, but finally in introducing the Opposition of re-armament, they are the same as the Socialist and the Communist Party. In so far as other parties are opposed to this small electoral system, they will work together with them.

In the long run, Komeito's tactics of raising political movement is completely self-centered. There is no other party which shows so openly their party interests and party concerns. Besides, their party policies and interests are thoughtless. They really care very little whether the people of the nation appreciate them, and speaking excessively, if only President Ikeda praises them, they are satisfied, and so they will continue th~ir present course.

Political leadership with a view to heightening the political consciousness of the members is almost unpracticed Instead they prefer that they become and remain ignorant. Perhaps we could express their desires thus: "Become more foolish! Then you will follow us silently". It is no exaggeration to say that they are leading the party members in their own way to follow ignorantly, silently, and to gather votes as Komeito orders and are keeping them under the party's control.

If democracy takes one false step, there is a good possiblity that it will turn into mob rule. One of the problems lurking behind the motives for which the Soka Gakkai, as a religious power itself, entered the Diet, is that of ~~ignorantization" of the people concerning Democracy. If Soka Gakkai~Komeito is not in the vanguard of the popularization of politics, but is rather benighting the people, then we must admit that this is a most serious problem. "

Young Shirley of the SGI elementary School division

“This offer is limited to members in the young men’s division, young women’s division, junior high and high school division and the elementary school division. This offer is not retroactive and applies only to new or renewing subscriptions.” -- SGI World Tribune subscription advertisement

Shirley: “Mommy, mommy, please give me twenty dollars for a World Tribune prescription, please mommy.”
Shirley's mom: “But Shirley, we already have four subscriptions. I have one, daddy has one, your taiten uncle Fester has one, and Ruby has one.”
Shirley: “But mommy, Ruby’s our chihuahua.”
Shirley's mom: “You can have her’s baby.”
Shirley: “But President Ikeda says we should all have our own prescription. We learned that at Elementary School Meeting.”
Shirley's mom: “Ok baby, I’ll get you your very own World Tribune subscription, when you enter the second grade and CAN READ!”

Diagram of the Gohonzon for the Transmission of the Dharma [Denpo Gohonzon]

Shakyamuni Buddha, Nichiren, and the Master-Disciple relationship

Question: Was it by chance that the Buddha died on February 15th and Nichiren was born on February 16th?

Answer: No. It is a perfect example and manifestation of the Law of cause and effect and the relationship of Master and Disciple.

Nichiren on why SGI members fail to attain Buddhahood

"Faith in this sutra means that you will surely attain Buddhahood if you are true to the entirety of the Lotus Sutra, adhering exactly to its teachings without adding any of your own ideas or following the arbitrary interpretations of others."

SGI has changed the teachings to the point that they are nearly unrecognizeable

Our Sangha and the SGI Sangha

The structure of the sangha of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth and the diamond: All believers are the same as are all the atoms [carbon].

The structure of the SGI sangha and ammonia: Central mentor [nitrogen atom] surrounded by four hydrogen atoms.

Both are regular tetrahedrons. One is an amorphous and noxious liquid and the other is a prized gemstone and the hardest natural substance on earth.

Our demands

I know you don’t like what we have to say about you. There is only one thing you can do in order for us to stop our criticism. You should resign immediately from the Soka Gakkai and sit upright and ponder the ultimate reality. There is no debate about our demands. You are neither worthy of receiving alms nor of teachings the Great Bodhisattvas Who Spring from the Earth. Our leader is Nichiren Daishonin. The Buddha to whom we owe allegiance is Shakyamuni Buddha of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra. We offer alms to the true priests who desire little and remonstrate with the enemies of the Lotus Sutra at the cost of their lives.

Even should you join us and support us with your bones and marrow, life will not be easy. You will have no members for whom you can draw sustenance. The Buddhist gods and protective forces have left the land and even if one or two remain, they are loathe to protect those who have long abandoned the Lotus Sutra and slandered the children of the Buddha.

Many of you have no marketable skills other than robbery, thievery, public relations, marketing, and psychological manipulation. We have no use for robbers, thieves, and psychological manipulators and the Gohonzon takes care of our marketing and public relations. For the foreseeable future, unless you develop other marketable skills, you will become poor and humble seekers of the Way, in the mold of many of the original disciples of Nichiren Daishonin. You may have to sell your homes, withdraw your children from private schools, rely on your ill gotten savings and investments, or work two jobs, to make ends meet. This is a small price to pay for attaining Buddhahood in this very body.

"Ikedaism" is the true appellation of the SGI faith.

"Ikedaism" is the true appellation of the SGI faith. That many sociologists take SGI's self-ascription, "Buddhist" [let alone "Nichiren Buddhist"] at face value, puts into question every observation they proffer. When reading Brian Wilson, Danielle Matreaux, and the myriad other SGI sociologist cheerleaders, please keep in mind that they know little about the orthodox faith and practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Lotus Sutra Buddhism. They know less than we of the inner workings of the Ikeda cult. Had they done their homework and truly investigated the cult, they never would have whispered SGI and Buddhism in the same breath, let alone SGI and Nichiren Buddhism. In fact, they would have become critics of the Soka Gakkai in the same mold as we. It is sad. It is the latter dreadful age.

Actual certificate certifying Shinkei [Jerry Marcheso] a Kempon Hokke priest

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Teachings Hidden in the Depths."

The Nichiren Shoshu and SGI response to the clear canon of Nichiren Daishonin and the lucid arguments of his faithful disciples, is “Montei” or "Teachings Hidden in the Depths."

Nichiren Daishonin discussed this principle in such Goshos as the Opening of the Eyes, The Selection of the Time, and On Repaying Debts of Gratitude He taught that he revealed all the important teachings hidden in the depths of the Lotus Sutra, ie: The Three Great Secret Laws, and "now, there is nothing left to reveal." Once the pagoda was completed by Nichiren Daishonin, it is our merit and virtue to praise, admire, and maintain it for future generations, not to tear it down while building cheap imitations.

We preserve the magnificent Lotus Sutra pagoda in two ways: By living the teachings as revealed by Nichiren Daishonin and by pointing out the shoddy craftmanship and substandard foundation of the Nichiren Shoshu and SGI pagoda.

A passage from Nichiren's On Repaying Debts of Gratitude with commentary

Question: Is there a correct teaching that was not propagated even by T’ien-t’ai and Dengyō?
Answer: Yes, there is.

Question: What sort of teaching is it?
Answer: It consists of three things. It was left behind by the Buddha for the sake of those who live in the Latter Day of the Law. It is the correct teaching that was never propagated by Mahākāshyapa orĀnanda, Ashvaghosha or Nāgārjuna, T’ien-t’ai or Dengyō.

Question: What form does it take?
Answer: First, Japan and all the other countries throughout Jambudvīpa should all make the Shakyamuni Buddha of the essential teaching their object of devotion. In other words, the Shakyamuni and Many Treasures who appear in the treasure tower, all the other Buddhas, and the four bodhisattvas, including Superior Practices, will act as attendants to this Buddha. Second, there is the sanctuary of the essential teaching. Third, in Japan, China, India, and all the other countries of Jambudvīpa, every person, regardless of whether wise or ignorant, will set aside other practices and join in the chanting of Namu-myoho-renge-kyo. This teaching has never been taught before. Here in the entire land of Jambudvīpa, in all the 2,225 years since the passing of the Buddha, not a single person chanted it. Nichiren alone, without sparing his voice, now chants Namu-myoho-renge-kyo, Namu-myoho-renge-kyo."


"First, Japan and all the other countries throughout Jambudvīpa should all make the Shakyamuni Buddha of the essential teaching their object of devotion. In other words, the Shakyamuni and Many Treasures who appear in the treasure tower, all the other Buddhas, and the four bodhisattvas, including Superior Practices, will act as attendants to this Buddha."

Therefore, the Gohonzon itself is nothing other than Shakyamuni Buddha of the essential teaching.

"Eat this Kool-aid laced orange, my boy"

The SGI teachings on members surpassing the mentor is too ridiculous to even address.

Daisaku Ikeda says, “the Original Buddha is Shakyamuni” when talking to scholars and scientists but when talking to commoners, his “dear” SGI members, he sometimes says, “The Original Buddha is Nichiren”, and at other times he says that "ordinary people are the original Buddha". Why would anyone follow someone who speaks out of both sides of their mouth, especially when one side of his mouth goes against the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin? 

In his lecture on the Opening of the Eyes for SGI members, Ikeda states:

“This sentence implies that the Daishonin is the original Buddha, the master of all other buddhas. Because of this, all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas follow him and all good fortune is contained within the original life The Daishonin used analogies most easily understood by the people of his day. Water gods were thought to live in rivers and followed the lord of the ocean, and the mountain gods were all subservient to Mount Sumeru, the king of mountains. In his analogy, the Daishonin likened these lesser gods to all the buddhas and Bodhisattvas; and the lord of the ocean and king of Mount Sumeru to the votary of the Lotus Sutra.”

But his public stance can be summarized in this article:

“Space and Eternal Life”, with the astronomer, Dr. Weiramisinghe, 1998:

“Buddha is in its simplest interpretation, means a person who is incomparably wise and fully enlightened. Sakyamuni was portrayed as a real human being who reached a state of enlightenment and eventually entered Nirvana. He was a royal prince born to a society torn with strife – poverty, caste and race discrimination were everywhere. His own early life was one of absolute luxury. He renounced this life to seek enlightenment. The fruit of his untiring efforts over the years was the realization of the true nature of things and the discovery of a path that could lead to freedom from suffering. The Buddha held that the cause of suffering is the result of wrong attitudes; it is our craving or desire that makes us suffer. Although Sakyamuni Buddha set out the Eightfold path that could free us from suffering, he often exhorted his monks to discover the way for themselves as for instance in his last words to his disciple Ananda in the Mahaparinirvana Sutra.

“Self is the lord of self, for who else could lord be? Be ye lamps unto yourselves. Look not for refuge to any beside yourself.” In response to Ananda’s entreaty to preach one last time, Sakyamuni speaks about being a beacon of self and of being a beacon of the Law. Sakyamuni taught that it is none other than one’s self and the Law that are the guiding lights that illuminate the darkness of life and death. And the true self referred to by Sakyamuni is the self realized in the course of one’s actions in accordance with the Law of the Universe and of life.

Sakyamuni also said, in a statement made just before his death, that since all phenomena are transient, one should diligently apply oneself to the perfection of one’s practice. His leaving behind such a statement perfectly demonstrates the special character of Buddhism, which points to the path of endeavour and diligence to perfect oneself as a human being and to achieve self-realization.

One calls one who has awakened to the truth of life and the universe a “Buddha”. It is thought that many Buddhas have appeared in this universe, expounded the Law and saved human lives. Mahayana Buddhism teaches that many Buddhas have made their advent.

Here I would like to follow the currents of Buddhist history from the death of Sakyamuni Buddha to the rise of Mahayana Buddhism. Buddhist records indicate that following Sakyamuni’s death, people’s respect and admiration for him deepened and questions arose about the meaning of his death, and from this developed the theory of the Buddha’s three bodies.

At first it was said that the Buddha , as the eternal and indestructible “body of the law” who is one with the law of life and the universe appeared in this world to save people in the physical form of Sakyamuni – in other words, as the “manifested” body. Later when the Buddha who jointly possessed the two kinds of body – “the body of the Law” and the “manifested body” – became widely revered, the idea of the “bliss body” or spiritual strength to perceive the truth, developed. And along with the theory of the bodies, or aspects of Buddhas, a theory evolved concerning the appearance of Buddhas. First the concept of past Buddhas developed, in which it was held that Sakyamuni and various other Buddhas also appeared in the past. Then the concept of future Buddhas developed, in which it is said that Bodhisattva Maitreya will be reborn in this world as a Buddha in the future. The concepts of Buddhas in other worlds and of becoming a Buddha in the next life also arose. For instance, Amitabha Buddha is said to dwell in the western region of the universe. Akshobya Buddha, in the eastern region of the universe, and bodhisattvas, to be reborn in the Tushita heaven before attaining Buddhahood. Finally a concept of present lifetime Buddhas took shape in which it is taught that Buddhas exist throughout the ten directions of the universe.

The Lotus Sutra is the scripture that incorporates and unites the theories of the three bodies of the Buddha and of the appearance of the Buddhas. This scripture is respected as a pivotal text in Japanese Buddhism and has many followers.

In the 16th and most important chapter, entitled “The Life Span of the Thus Come One”, Sakyamuni reveals that he has been a Buddha since the infinite past, that he has all along been preaching in this mundane world and leading people to enlightenment, and that he has appeared as various Buddhas in order to save all living beings and preached the Law in accord with his listener’s capacity. He states that the reason he is now about to leave this world is that, although the life span he has attained by practicing the bodhisattva way is of infinite duration, through the means of his death he can teach and instruct people.

Here, principally in the 16th chapter, the concept of the original Buddha of the remotest past is revealed. In connection with this concept, Tien-tai of China commented that because it is shown in the “Life Span” chapter that Sakyamuni has appeared as various Buddhas in response to the capacity of the people he will teach and enlighten, all the Buddhas who appear in Mahayana Buddhism are united in the one Buddha, Sakyamuni.

Based upon this Tien-tai called the Sakyamuni revealed in the “Life Span” chapter, the Original Buddha and stated that he simultaneously embodies the Law Body, the manifested body and the bliss body, and that he is the Buddha whose true nature lies in the bliss body aspect. In other words, the “Life Span” chapter identifies the historical personage of Sakyamuni as the Original Buddha, presenting him as the manifestation in historical reality of the suprahistorical or Original Buddha.

Accordingly it {the 16th chapter] teaches that the Buddha’s life span is infinite. This is the concept of the Original Buddha of the remotest past. The distinguishing characteristic of the Lotus is the fact that it unites all Buddhas in the Original Buddha and perceives eternal life or an infinite life span, in the person of the historical figure Sakyamuni.

In this way, the concept of the original Buddha of the remotest past revealed in the “Life Span” chapter incorporates and unifies the Mahayana concepts of the three bodies and of the appearance of Buddhas; this new concept clearly reveals the outstanding personality of Sakyamuni, who is endowed with both eternity and reality, and filled with great compassion to save the people.

Private Stance [for SGI Consumption]:

April 17 WT (1998), speech by Daisaku Ikeda delivered March 13, 1998:

“In contrast, this Gosho passage states that Shakyamuni Buddha resides in the hearts of those with sincere faith. Read in terms of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, “Shakyamuni’ here refers to the original Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin himself.” p. 12, right hand column.

And today, if you view the July 6, 2015 Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra lecture,  
he is teaching that the ordinary  person is the Original Buddha.

As an aside, the SGI teachings on members surpassing the mentor is too ridiculous to even address.

What did Nichiren mean, "beholding the living body of Shakyamuni Buddha"?

"....but Shakyamuni [by bestowing upon us the character myo] has granted us as many benefits as if we ourselves had fulfilled all the practices of the six paramitas"

 "And among the Sutras, the Lotus Sutra is a manifestation in writing of Shakyamuni Buddha's intent; it is his voice set down in written word."

"Shakyamuni Buddha and the written words of the Lotus Sutra are two different things but their heart is one.  Therefore, when you cast your eyes upon  the words of the Lotus Sutra you should consider that you are beholding the living body of the Buddha Shakyamuni."

"However the Buddha recognizes each character as a golden Lord Shakyamuni.' This is the meaning of the statement that '[one who is able to hold this Sutra] thereby holds the Buddha's body' "

"The Son of Heaven utters not a single word in vain' and 'the words of the Dharma King contain no falsehood'.  A wise ruler will never lie, even if it should bring about his ruin.  How much less would Shakyamuni Buddha ever speak falsely!"

"Only the Lotus Sutra represents the wonderful teaching preached directly from the golden mouth of Shakyamuni Buddha, who is perfectly endowed with the three bodies."

"The nation of Japan today has turned its back on the Lotus Sutra and cast aside Shakyamuni Buddha."

"Therefore, the words of this Sutra are indeed the very soul of  Shakyamuni Buddha. And since every single word constitutes the soul of the Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha will protect persons who practice this Sutra as though he were protecting his very own eyes. He will accompany such persons just as a shadow accompanies a body.  How then could the prayers of such persons not be answered."

"In the same volume in the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha says, 'for the sake of the Buddha way I have in countless different lands from the begining until now widely preached various sutras, but among them this Sutra is foremost'.  This passage means that Shakyamuni Buddha has appeared in countless lands, taking different names and assuming varying life spans."

"I Nichiren, humble person though I am, have recieved Lord Shakyamuni's royal command and come to this country of Japan."

Doomsday clock now even closer to nuclear Armagedddon


DoomsdayClock_black_2.5mins_regmark (1).png

2017: For the last two years, the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock stayed set at three minutes before the hour, the closest it had been to midnight since the early 1980s. In its two most recent annual announcements on the Clock, the Science and Security Board warned: “The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon.” In 2017, we find the danger to be even greater, the need for action more urgent. It is two and a half minutes to midnight, the Clock is ticking, global danger looms. Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way.  See the full statement from the Science and Security Board on the 2017 time of the Doomsday Clock.

Chant Namu Myoho renge kyo and turn the clock back.

They say...

“If it wasn’t for us you ungrateful pig".  Other SGI leaders and members teach that SGI is the only correct body of believers upholding the Daishonin’s teachings.”, “Only Soka Gakkai can be considered fully correct in its doctrines.”, and "SGI is the only united body of true believers”. 

Nichiren and we teach however,

“However, later seeking and entering the deep cave, you see a single hermitage. The voices of the reading and reciting of the Hokekyo echo against blue heaven and the words of discussing the doctrine of the One Vehicle are heard in the midst of the mountains. Informing [them, of your presence and requesting] admittance, you enter the chamber, place your mother’s bones before the Master of Teachings Lord Shakya, cast your five limbs to the ground, press your palms together, and opening your two eyes, look up to the Holy Face: Joy overflows your body and the pain of your heart suddenly ceases.”(On Forgetting Ones Copy Of The Lotus Sutra, NOPPA Translation)

They teach that the Lotus Sutra is a provisional Sutra and Shakyamuni a provisional Buddha. They fail to accurately reflect the mind of Nichiren. Their grasp of the teachings is narrow and shallow and they haven’t spoken the truth about the teachings since their inauspicious inception some eighty years ago.

Nichiren writes:

“There is no true happiness other than upholding faith in the Lotus Sutra. This is what is meant by 'peace and security in their present existence and good circumstances in future existences.”'

He further states in Embracing the Lotus Sutra:

“Now, if you wish to attain Buddhahood, you have only to lower the banner of your arrogance, cast aside the staff of your anger, and devote yourself exclusively to the one vehicle of the Lotus Sutra. Worldly fame and profit are mere baubles of your present existence, and arrogance and prejudice are ties that will fetter you in the next one. Ah, you should be ashamed of them! And you should fear them, too!”

Since Daisaku Ikeda and the SGI reject the Lotus Sutra and Buddha Shakyamuni of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, their happiness must be an an ephemeral happiness based on worldly fame and profit.

The SGI says, "thanks to Daisaku Ikeda, the SGI 'achieved'”, but what did they really achieve? Nichiren states, quoting the Nirvana Sutra:

“Kashyapa, because [in the past] I devoted myself to the correct teaching, I have been able to achieve this diamond-like body that abides forever and is never destroyed.”

In the USA there are pehaps twenty or thirty million new evangelical believers in the last ten years. They espouse great happiness but Nichiren states, “because [in the past] I devoted myself to the correct teaching…”

We must ask ourselves, are the Soka Gakkai teachings the correct teachings? Is it correct to abandon Shakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra?

The ten million Soka Gakkai members faith and practice is based on a dream, not the reality of the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra (Gohonzon). Their faith and practice is based on the dream of the Taisekaji priests and Toda’s dream (hallucination) in jail, not the reality of the Buddha’s mind that is the Lotus Sutra or the life and teachings of the True Votary of the Lotus Sutra, Nichiren Daishonin.

Daisaku Ikeda writes:

“…the Gohonzons that we recieve are also the living flesh of the Original Buddha whose eyes have been opened according to the principles of the actual Ichinen Sanzen in the passages depths of the Juryo Chapter and the true attainment of Buddhahood by plants and trees. Why would this very Gohonzon not be the true aspect of the eye opening of wooden and painted images? This is absolutely not found in the heretical sects outside of Nichiren Shoshu, and is a profoundly secret doctrine which only Nichiren Shoshu possesses.”– Daisaku Ikeda Soka Gakkai Daibyaku Renge

“….He knew all too well that the age of the Latter Day of the Law had already come, when prophecy foretold a decline in the power of Shakyamuni’s Buddhism; he knew it would have been entirely inappropriate to bring back Shakyamuni’s Buddhism as a new set of beliefs. He was able to bring the people a totally new kind of Buddhism because he was convinced of his identity and missions to save all people fo the Latter Day of the Law.” Daisaku Ikeda (pg. 212 Selected Lectures on the Gosho)”

The Lotus Sutra admonishes him:

“… shame on such monks! — they will preach their own fictions.”

And Nichiren states:

“I had gone to many centers of the religion during those twenty years, in the quest of Buddhist truths. The final conclusion I arrived at was that the truth of Buddhism must be one in essence. Many people lose themselves in the labyrinth of learning and studies, through thinking that every one of the diverse branches might help to the attainment of Buddhist ideals.” (Works pp 1770-71)

And again in Myoho Bikuni Go-henji:

“According to the Zen Sect, the true teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha are not transmitted through sutras. They say that sutras including the Lotus Sutra are like a finger to point at the moon or a ferry to cross a river; and that it is no use after seeing the moon or crossing the river. Zen Buddhists say such a thing as they learned, without thinking what they say. But they are actually slandering Shakyamuni Buddha and preventing propagation of the Lotus Sutra. Thus, the people in this country are all committing a grave sin, more serious than the Five Evils, without realizing it.”

In Those Initially Aspiring to the Way, he writes:

“…As for other types of people, it would appear that, even if they do not understand the meaning of the Lotus Sutra and are ignorant but have earnest faith, then they will invariably be reborn in a pure land. For it says in the Lotus Sutra, “They will be born in the presence of the Buddhas of the ten directions,” and “She will immediately go to the World of Peace and Delight.” These passages give clear proof that one who has faith in the Lotus Sutra will be reborn in a pure land.”

Chapter 3 of the Lotus Sutra states:

“Whether during the Buddha’s lifetime
Or after his extinction
If there be any who slander
Such a sutra as this,
Who, seeing those who read and recite,
Write or hold this sutra, scorn and despise, hate and envy them
And bear them a tenacious grudge.
Concerning the recompense of such people’s sin,
After their lifetimes end
They will enter into the Avici hell.”

Although neither the evangelicals nor the SGI members have faith in the Lotus Sutra, it is better to be an evangelical who doesn’t slander the Lotus Sutra than an SGI member who slanders the Lotus Sutra and the true disciples and believers of Nichiren. Their holier than thou pronouncements, based on the heretical SGI teachings are less than dust in the wind. 

Hearing them speak, one might come to the erroneous conclusion that, in the history of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism, it was only the SGI who had martyrs. The fact is that in the history of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism there were thousands of Martyrs. The fact is, the SGI “martyrs” are martyrs in name only because they embraced the slanderous teachings of Taisekaji and Nichikan, not the Lotus Sutra and the teachings of the Supreme Votary. Hearing them speak, one might come to the erroneous conclusion that, in the history of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism, it was only SGI who devoted their lives to preserve and spread the teachings. It was in fact the Nichiren Shu who first brought Namu Myoho renge kyo to America and the world. It was the old Kempon Hokke, Fuju-fuse and various other Hokke sects who gave their lives to preserve and spread the true teachings. Nichiren taught that it was Shakyamuni Buddha who gave us the water of the Law. How arrogant to think that it was Daisaku Ikeda. How shortsighted to think that the Bodhisattvas of the Earth wouldn’t have encountered the Law without Daisaku Ikeda.

Actually, those who encountered the SGI teachings through Daisaku Ikeda are not Bodhisattvas of the Earth since their minds differ from Nichiren’s. 

The Lotus Sutra states, “We were once men of false views." and Nichiren writes, “If you are of the same mind as Nichiren, you must be a Bodhisattva of the Earth”. He also teaches, “In the same way, one who chants the daimoku as the Lotus Sutra teaches will never have a twisted mind.” (MW vol 5, Letter to Myomitsu Shonin, pg 196) and “They entirely look up to groups of icchantikas and rely on them as leaders and, reverencing blasphemers against the Dharma, make them national teachers. Taking up the Classic Filial Piety of Confucious, they beat their parents’ heads and, while chanting the Lotus Sutra of Lord Shakya with their mouths, they go against the Master of teachings.”

It is not merely the mechanical chanting of Daimoku that leads to Buddhahood.

The SGI and NST priests and members do not chant the Daimoku as the Lotus Sutra preaches. They therefore can not be considered Bodhisattvas of the Earth. Nichiren also says that unfilial children can never succeed their parents. Denying their own father, Shakyamuni Buddha and their mother, the Lotus Sutra, they are unfilial children, indeed! “Those who practice Buddhism but adhere to distorted views destroy this loftiest of Sutras.” (MW vol 5, Reply to Soya Nyudo, pg 164).

The SGI, NST, HBS, and Nichiren Shu practice Buddhism but adhere to distorted views. Once again, I ask, "can they be considered Bodhisattvas of the Earth?"

Again and again, Nichiren cites those who praise the Lotus Sutra but destroy it’s intent. Surely he is not speaking about the Bodhisattvas of the Earth. He then must be speaking about the SGI and NST members and priests. They destroy the Sutra’s intent by asserting the Transmission of the Lotus Sutra is through one sole individual, either a High Priest or the successive presidents of the SGI. They destroy the Sutra’s intent by chanting Namu Myoho renge kyo [Namu Lotus Sutra], while disgarding the Lotus Sutra. They chant Namu Myoho renge kyo to the Gohonzon, the Life and Land of Shakyamuni Buddha of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra while abandoning Shakyamuni Buddha. They chant Namu Myoho renge kyo while deprecating the sincere and true Bodhisattvas of the Earth. What a strange group they are.

In Chapter 15 of the Lotus Sutra Maitreya states,

“All come and Worship the Buddha
and guard and keep this sutra.”

He doesn’t say, 

“All come and worship Daisaku Ikeda 
and guard and keep the Human Revolution” [while throwing out Shakyamuni Buddha and discarding the Lotus Sutra].

Nichiren states,

“And though people may claim to be disciples of Nichiren, if they do not possess some proof of that fact from my hand, you must not trust them.”

Proof is following his example and his writings, not the capricious arbitrary views of others. As long as you continue to be associated with the bad friends of the soka Gakkai and Nichiren Shoshu, you will remain an unenlightened worldling. Nichiren never met Shakyamuni Buddha yet he stated in the Selection of Time, “Nichiren disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha.”

As far as their assertion that the SGI teachings frees one from birth and death, that is not possible if one is to believe Nichiren Daishonin that the Lotus Sutra is the means:

“What I call the Heritage of the Great Thing Concerning Life and Death is
nothing else than the Scripture, the Lotus of the Perfect Truth. For the Sacred Title of the Lotus was handed down from the two Buddhas, Sakya-muni and Prabhuta-ratna (Taho or “Many Treasures”), to the Boddhisattva Visista-caritra (Jogyo or “Eminent Conduct”), when the Buddhas appeared in the Heavenly Shrine, and from eternity the heritage has been kept without interruption.”

In another writing, we read,

“Then to utter the Sacred Title of the Lotus with the conviction that the three are one — the three, that is, Sakyamuni, the Buddha who from eternity has realized Buddhahood; the Lotus Sutra, which leads all beings without exception to Buddhahood; and we, beings in all the realms of

How can you be one with Buddha Shakyamuni who from eternity has realized Buddhahood if you reject Him? Chanting mechanical daimoku with no conviction in Shakyamuni Buddha is not the way to free oneself from the fetters of birth and death.

On Establishing the Correct Teaching states:

“The host said: There are numerous passages that could be cited and a wide variety of proofs. For example, in the Golden Light Sutra we read: “[The four heavenly kings said to the Buddha], ‘Though this sutra exists in the nation, its ruler has never allowed it to be propagated. In his heart he turns away from it, and he takes no pleasure in hearing its teachings. He neither makes offerings to it, honors it, nor praises it. Nor is he willing to honor or make offerings to the four kinds of Buddhists who embrace the sutra. In the end, he makes it impossible for us and the other countless heavenly beings who are our followers to hear this profound and wonderful teaching. He deprives us of the sweet dew of its words and cuts us off from the flow of the correct teaching, so that our majesty and strength are drained away. Thus the number of beings who occupy the evil paths increases, and the number who dwell in the human and heavenly realms decreases. People fall into the river of the sufferings of birth and death and turn their backs on the road to nirvana.”

The Selection of Time states:

“The Buddha says determining the future, “Depend upon the teaching, not upon the people. Bodhisattva Nagarjuna says, “If one depends upon the scripture it is a correct argument; if one does not depend upon the scripture it is an incorrect argument.” T’ien-t’ai says, “Again, if it conforms to the scripture, quote and use it. If there is no corresponding sentence or corresponding meaning, then one should not believe and accept. ” Dengyo says, “Depend upon what the Buddha taught, not upon the oral tradition.” If one follows these scriptures, treatises and commentaries, then one should not base oneself on dreams. Once should only treasure the passages in the scriptures and treatises…”

Since the SGI abandons the scriptures, treatises and commentaries, what is it that they have faith in anyway? The words and oral teachings of Toda and Ikeda? I don’t see anything here about mentor Toda and Ikeda being necessary for Buddhahood or that new car or raise.

Nichiren writes: 

“The essential key to Nichiren’s disciples and followers is, namely, adherence to the Lotus Sutra.” 

The Lotus Sutra states:

“But if one, after the Buddha’s extinction,
In the midst of an evil world
is able to preach this sutra, this is indeed hard…..(LS Ch.11)

What the Soka Gakkai teaches is not “this Sutra”. Neither 10,000,000 million SGI believers nor 1,500,000,000.00 Muslims, are equal to one believer who has faith in and teaches the golden words of the Sutra and Nichiren. Most SGI members haven’t even read the Lotus Sutra, they go by the hearsay of the mentor or the Human Revolution, or the World Tribune. The SGI teachings on the Master-disciple relationship, value creation, receiving and giving guidance, no worth or role for the solitary Bodhisattva, the practice of shoju in this degenerate evil age, are all hearsay, oral teachings, which Nichiren completely rejected. How sad for you. How sad that you confuse our Buddhahood for anger or rapture. How sad that you confuse your anger and rapture for Buddhahood.

Nichiren states:

“Then what teaching should the country of Japan learn if its people are to free themselves from the sufferings of birth and death? As for this question, the Lotus Sutra states, “After the Thus Come One has entered extinction, I will cause it [the Lotus Sutra] to be widely propagated throughout Jambudvipa and will see that it never comes to an end.”

Note, it doesn’t say ‘Value Creationism”, “Human Revolution”, or “Taisekaji Mysticism”.

In the Opening of the eyes, we read:

“It is also laid down that one should “rely on sutras that are complete and final and not on those that are not complete and final.” We must therefore look carefully among the sutras to determine which are complete and final and which are not, and put our faith in the former. Bodhisattva Nagarjuna in his Commentary on the Ten Stages Sutra states, “Do not rely on treatises that distort the sutras; rely on those that are faithful to the sutras.” The Great Teacher T’ien- t’ai says, “That which accords with the sutras is to be written down and made available. But put no faith in anything that in word or meaning fails to do so.” The Great Teacher Dengyo says, “Depend upon the preachings of the Buddha, and do not put faith in traditions handed down orally.” Enchin, also known as the Great Teacher Chisho, says, ‘In transmitting the teachings, rely on the written words [of scriptures]. '”

Now, referring to the SGI’s outlandish slander of we who embrace the Daimoku but who are not SGI members, for example, that we believers and critics of the SGI are deluded and unhappy, the truth is, no one could be happier nor more aware than us. We uphold the sacred teachings of the Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin. Already, hundreds, if not thousands, have abandoned the SGI and embraced that which is orthodox, and not a few thanks to our sincere efforts. In the United States, over the last thirty years, the SGI gave out 600,000 Gohonzons and if we are to believe the World Tribune circulation, less than 40,000 SGI believers remain. What happened to the other 560,000 people who received the slanderous SGI Gohonzon? Do Bodhisattvas of the Earth give out sacred Gohonzon like candy? Do Bodhisattvas of the Earth fail to protect their precious comrades? One day those who left the SGI will return to the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra. At that time they will return as Bodhisattvas of the Earth.