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Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Soka Gakkai members share the same characteristics as the rest of the human race however I would say that they are among the best examples of our species." -- SGI member

"Concerning this web site, I find it to be the most negative and self-destructive piece of trash on the entire world wide web. Your continous slander of the Soka Gakkai will only bring you to the achivi hell of incessent suffering for many kalpas to come. I sincerely hope that Nikken steps down from his high and mighty throne and stands up like a real man and admiits his wrong doings to President Ikeda and the entire membership of the Soka Gakkai. There is only one organization that will be left standing and it won't be the Nikken sect. You have a lot of nerve to call yourselves Buddhist. I would describe you all as dogs wearing the robes of priests. Nichiren Daishonin would SHIT on you and use your faces to wipe his ASS. You may never in all of history be ever praised by the Buddha Nichiren Daishonin for the evil works that you have done to this planet and it's inhabitants. As far as I am concerned if the rest of the adherents of your concepts of what you so slanderously call Buddhism, die, as the ones that have in the past, I would not weap one tear for them. You have made a mockery of the concept of Buddhism. All of the trash on this web site should be deleted from the internet. The Soka Gakkai doesn't slander you so why in the hell should be so defensive in coming at us like you do? It is really strange that Nittasu Shonin died so mysteriously, isn't it? His body wasn't even cold before Nikken took over the Head Temple. He is not the priest that should inherit the position of High Priest. All of the leaders in the Soka Gakkai know this to be true. I am sure that Nittasu told President Ikeda who was legally to be in that position. Nikken Abe is a thief and a liar. He hates all of the members of the Hokkeko and never loved anyone else that was or wasn't a priest. Now all of you who belong to the slanderous Nikken Sect sleep in the same bed with DUNG. I stand by and watch all of the people you have swayed to come over to the temple die, get divorced, become ill, loose their jobs and status in life, their lives have been devastated and completely destroyed because they follow an evil priest that calls himself the living buddha. This is sick and demented. All of Nikken's teachings are for his benefit. He wants you to believe that he is the true buddha, he wants you to believe that everything he tells you is true. It is not, all that he tells you is false." -- Hellen Chinberg, very very proud leader of the kinder gentler SGI


  1. Here are some more words from the best examples of our species:

    "He is a misogynist", 'He seethes with hatred," "You are a hater", "foaming-at-the- mouth, exclusivist, seemingly hate-filled", "You are a serious hatemonger and it is shameful that you would ever consider yourself a "buddhist.", "I'm not sure if he is a hater." "I will respond to hate-speech, the posting of burning Gohonzons. the generalizations, racism, and distortions by Mark Rogow.", "You are embittered and hate filled", "You are a hateful Buddhist.", "If you need a straight male priest to tell you what to do, that's fine, be ok with it and end the slander of that which you hate (in your own heart). There is no corruption outside of you, only in your heart.", "What a sad life condition", "This isn't "free speech", "moderators, this is hate speech." , "You are filled with hate.". "The most dangerous thing to a bigot is to know the object of his hate and fear.", "With your ever present hate, you slander the good SGI members", "Your hate rants are tiresome", "You are a racist", "You are a fascist", "asshole", "jackass", "You really suck you ungrateful pig", "You are still a lying sack of s--t", "your holier than though, self serving BS", "Bulls--t, this is a place for Mark Rogow to slander people", "brain dead", "slandering idiot", "KEMPON HOKKE IS NOTHING BUT A PILE OF S--T AND ALL YOU F--ING PIGS ARE JUST S--T EATERS, GO F--- YOUR GOD DAMNED MOTHERS STUPID F--ING BITCHES THEY ALL ARE!* *LEAVE YOU TO YOUR DEVICES? F--- YOU ASSHOLES. i’LL KICK THE F---ING S--T OUT OF YOU. GO F--- YOUR DEVICE JUST LIKE YOU F--- YOUR MOTHER! PIECES OF F---ING S--T!*, "He calls for violence against the SGI", "bitter", psychotic", " He must be "drinking", "smoking","cowardly", "ignorant", "doing drugs", "scumbag cunt filled with s--t", "s--t stinking", "The f---ing assholes in Kempon Hokke can not be described, how evil they are is beyond words. I hope to meet some of you some day. I will make you sorry you were ever born.", "fool", "foolish", "deluded", "devil", "evil", "hateful lying prick", "counterfeit Buddhist", "conceited", "egotistical", "xenophobic", "pathetic fascist, asshole", "perpetrator of medicare fraud", "offensive", "no knowledge", "no wisdom", "lacking faith", "nutty", "f---ing moron", "Bodhisattva F---you."

  2. helen is very, very sick. and as usual does not know the real teachings of buddhism. typical sgi.